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Statutory Role

Part 14 of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 (sections 167 to 175) provides for the establishment of the Criminal Law Codification Advisory Committee.

Section 167 establishes the Criminal Law Codification Advisory Committee on a statutory basis.

Section 168 sets out the functions of the Advisory Committee.

Section 169 provides for the membership of the Advisory Committee and the method of appointment of the members.

Section 170 provides for the terms and conditions under which members of the Advisory Committee hold office.

Section 171 provides for the filling of vacancies on the Advisory Committee.

Section 172 provides that the Advisory Committee shall hold meetings relating to the performance of its functions and decide on the arrangements for the conduct of its meetings and business.

Section 173 provides for the Minister for Justice to determine the Advisory Committee's programme of work, after consultation with the Advisory Committee.

Section 174 provides for the funding of the Advisory Committee by the Minister for Justice.

Section 175 requires the Advisory Committee to submit annual reports on the performance of its functions and activities to the Minister for Justice.

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