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Committee Members

The members of the Criminal Law Codification Advisory Committee are:

Professor Finbarr McAuley
Professor Finbarr McAuley, Chairman
Finbarr McAuley is Professor of Law at University College Dublin. His teaching and research interests include domestic and comparative criminal law, and medieval canon law. Professor McAuley has been editor of the Irish Jurist since 1993; a member of the Law Reform Commission since 2000; and Special Rapporteur for the Legal Protection of Children since 2006. Prior to his appointment as Chairman of the Criminal Law Codification Advisory Committee, he chaired the Expert Group on codification which preceded its establishment.

Mr Conal Boyce
Conal Boyce is a solicitor practising for upwards of 20 years in the field of criminal defence. He is a partner in the firm of Wilkinson & Price, Solicitors, South Main Street, Naas, Co. Kildare, and is a member of the Criminal Law Committee, Law Society of Ireland.

Ms Valerie Fallon
Ms Valerie Fallon
Valerie Fallon is a Principal Officer in the Department of Justice and Equality. She has worked in a wide range of areas in the Department including Criminal Policy, Immigration and Asylum and Criminal Law Reform. She also has extensive international experience. She served with the Justice and Home Affairs Task Force of the European Commission in Brussels during the period 1997 to 1999 and was a member of the Department’s teams for the 1996 and 2004 Presidencies of the European Union. She was called to the Bar in 1996.

Mr Matthew Feely
Mr Matthew Feely
Matthew Feely is an advisory counsel to the Attorney General and in that capacity deals with legal issues relating to constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, human rights law and issues relating to EU Law. He was a member of the Expert Group on the Codification of the Substantive Criminal Law which was established in 2002 and whose report forms the basis and structure for the present criminal law codification project.

Ms Elizabeth Howlin
Ms Elizabeth Howlin
Elizabeth Howlin BCL is a solicitor in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Dr Richard Humphreys
Richard Humphreys is a practising barrister. He is also an adjunct part-time lecturer in law in NUI Galway, is a member of the Appeal Tribunal under the Prisons Act 2007 and is the Statute Law Revision Project Consultant to the Office of the Attorney General. He holds a BCL and LLM from the NUI (UCD) and a PhD from the University of Dublin and is a member of the Irish, Northern Irish and English Bars and a Fellow of the RSA and RAS. He is the author of Index to Irish Statutory Instruments (Dublin, 1988) and Countdown to Unity: Debating Irish Reunification (Irish Academic Press, 2008) and various articles in legal journals. Previously he was Special Adviser to the Minister for Justice and Law Reform (1993-97). He was a member of the Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group (2006-07) and lectured in law at TCD (part-time, 2006-07) UCD (1991-93) and UCC (1990-91).

Mr Justice Patrick J. McCarthy
The Hon. Mr Justice Patrick J. McCarthy, Judge of the High Court

Mr Patrick MacEntee, Senior Counsel

Professor Paul O'Connor
Professor Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor studied law at University College Dublin where he graduated with BCL and LL.M degrees. He subsequently qualified at the Irish Bar and continued with his legal studies at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a Master’s in Law specialising in Criminal Justice. He also studied as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Michigan. During his career in the School of Law at UCD he has taught a range of courses including Criminal Law, Evidence and Family Law. He was appointed Associate Dean of the School in 1989 and subsequently served as Dean from 1992 to 2007. Apart from his academic distinctions and achievements as an innovator in legal education and strategic development, Professor O’Connor has wide experience in such areas as personnel, financial management, institutional co-operation and working with various government and professional bodies both nationally and internationally. He is currently acting as advisor to the President of UCD on institutional strategy.

Ms Margaret O'Driscoll
Ms Margaret O’Driscoll
Margaret O’Driscoll is a barrister specialising in legislative drafting. She is a graduate of Trinity College (B.A. L.Sc, 1981). She was called to the Bar in 1984. In 1988 she joined the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel to the Government, known at that time as the Office of the Parliamentary Draftsman. There she was responsible for the drafting of Government legislation (Bills and Statutory Instruments). During her time in the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel to the Government she also edited the publication ‘Chronological Tables of the Statutes 1922 -1996’ in both printed and electronic formats. In 1998 she returned to practice at the Bar where she continues to specialise in the drafting of Bills and Statutory Instruments for Government Departments, statutory bodies and private clients.

Mr Caoimhín Ó hUiginn
Mr Caoimhín Ó hUiginn
Caoimhín Ó hUiginn, B.A., B.L., Dip. in Eur. Law, is a former Assistant Secretary, Department of Justice and Law Reform, where he was head of Criminal Law Reform Division from 1996 to 2005. His present activities include acting as a legislative advisor to the Criminal and Civil Law Reform Divisions of the Department.

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